Simple answers to frequent questions.

How do you use AI to build your websites?

Machine intelligence and automation enable design teams to work faster, smarter, and better. This cost and time savings are passed to our customers. Specifically, we use algorithmic design to give designers strong customized starting points for projects. Our work platform, Orchestra, automatically manages projects and uses data we gather on experts to staff and manage design teams. Finally, we have built specific tools to augment experts with rote tasks like quality assurance and deadline management.

Where do you find the people who work on your websites?

We recruit, vet and support all of the experts who work with us to build our products. All of our experts have significant experience in their fields, and they are predominantly located in the United States and Canada.

What payment plans do you offer?

B12 offers two payment options: $199 / month or $1,992 / year. The services you receive are the same regardless of which payment plan you choose. We charge additional fees for added services such as custom development and bespoke design. Ask us if you need something outside of our standard packages.

What services are included?

Both plans include:

  • Custom-built website
  • Dedicated client executive
  • Talented design team of user experience designers, visual designers, interaction designers, and copywriters supported by Artificial Intelligence
  • Responsive designs--your website looks great on all devices, including your phone or tablet
  • On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Access to dozens of third-party applications (restrictions apply)
  • Blogging functionality (via Tumblr and Medium)
  • Contact forms and "Subscribe to email" functionality
  • Secure web hosting
  • Fast page load time
  • 30-day money back guarantee

How long will it take B12 to design and develop my website?

Many websites are ready for launch within 2 weeks of kick off. Depending on the specific project requirements and your ability, as a client, to provide consistent feedback and content, some websites take longer to launch.

A new website in 2 weeks is just the beginning of our partnership with clients. We believe that consistent client engagement and incremental improvements are key to a successful end-product and satisfied clients. Our client executives are on hand to help make updates to your website content and images post-launch.

What is the process?

When you decide to work with B12, you’re signing up for a highly engaged website development process. We’re a team dedicated to customer service and delivering best in class website design services, which includes providing each customer with a dedicated client executive.

The process starts with a “kick off call” with your client executive. During the kick off call you will discuss your project in detail covering topics such as brand identity, business stage, color, and design preferences (just to name a few). 

Within 24-48 hours B12 will deliver an initial design to you. After your client executive gathers your feedback, we’ll make changes to the design. We’ll iterate through this process until you’re satisfied with your website.

After your website launches, text or email anytime to ask for maintenance updates to your existing site. We are also available to handle additional third-party integrations at any point down the road (certain integrations may incur additional fees).

What is your turnaround time on updates? 

Turnaround time on update requests is generally two business days or less and may take longer for more complex requests.

If I want to cancel my subscription, who owns my content? Can I take it with me elsewhere?

Clients are free to discontinue the service at any time. At that time you would be responsible for your website maintenance, hosting and functionality. You can use the copy from your B12 site in any way you would like.

Are B12's websites Search Engine Optimized (SEO)?

Yes, as a part of our base plan, we offer on-page SEO to all of our clients. We want to help your business rank high in organic search engine results. To accomplish this, we create copy and format the content on our clients’ websites in such a way to help our clients get found in organic search results. Our responsive designs ensure that clients' mobile presences are equally impressive, which search engines like Google now take into account in their rankings.

Can B12 help with my Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns?

Unfortunately we do not currently manage advertising campaigns for our clients.

What platform does B12 utilize?

We have our own platform to mediate creative expert work and web design. We complement this platform with best in class tools for services such as analytics, marketing, design and content management.

I’m already on Squarespace, Wix, and Wordpress. Can you help me?

We work with dozens of clients who are looking to revamp their existing sites, including platforms like Squarespace, Wix, and Wordpress.

Reach out to us and we’ll let you know if we can support your current platform.

Can you make a couple small edits to my Wordpress, Wix, Drupal, etc. site?

No, our technology is geared towards designing and building entire websites.

Can I edit my website?

Most of our clients let us worry about website edits. Text or email us at any time with small text or content updates. Simply share a description of the update you want completed and then we get it done right away.

Will B12 use a template for my website?

Your website is custom design by a talented team of user experience designers, visual designers, and interaction designers supported by Artificial Intelligence.

Can B12 design a logo for my business?

Unfortunately we do not currently design logos for our clients.

Who writes the copy for my website?

For the most part, we use copy provided by our clients as you know your business best. If you need entirely new copy for an information heavy site, we charge $75 per hour for that service.

Can you build me a custom social network, marketplace or user portal?

While we do support custom development on a case-by-case basis, projects like custom social networks, marketplaces, and bespoke user portals aren’t normally good fits for us.

Can you meet me in person?

We’ve spent considerable time and effort perfecting our virtual service delivery model. You can communicate with our team by text or email and on our customer portal Monday through Friday, 9:30AM—6:00PM EST.